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You will probably know that the NASDAQ stock market is different from the NYSE – the ny stock market . This text will go how towards explaining why this is often , also as revealing the mystery of NASDAQ Securities. Firstly it’s important to understand that the NYSE and therefore the NASDAQ are two very different beasts. for instance the NASDAQ deals in securities instead of in other sorts of stocks and shares. it’s an ‘electronic securities exchange’, so if you’re trading on the NASDAQ you’re trading in securities. There’s another clue to the very fact the NASDAQ exchange deals only in securities; it’s travel by the National Association of Securities Dealers.

The types of securities addressed on this exchange are domestic in nature. the first index on the NASDAQ exchange is that the NASDAQ 100. because the name would imply this deals with the highest 100 securities on its books. You’ll expect to ascertain the likes of Google and Microsoft during this list. The most definition of the securities on the NASDAQ stock market is that they’re non-financial in nature. You’ll not find securities related to banks here for instance . But other financial companies also are not on the list, so basically anything to try to to with a financial organization would be found elsewhere.

Lots of the NASDAQ securities are associated with more modern businesses though, like those involved in computers and their various components, also as biotechnology. With this said retail businesses also can be found on the NASDAQ 100 Index. Another chief thing to recollect with the NASDAQ securities is that they will be both national and international in nature. The NASDAQ isn’t just concerned with businesses and organizations in America – it deals with interests everywhere the planet .

Depending on what quite stocks you would like to start out trading, you’ll well find yourself trading them on the NASDAQ exchange if you choose securities. this is often because a private company can only ever trade their shares on one exchange. If you would like to trade shares of a specific type then, you’ll need to explore the ins and outs of the NASDAQ stock market in additional detail. If securities within the computer and retail industries appeal to you, the NASDAQ is that the place to travel to seek out out which of them suit you the foremost . Next, inspect our stock listings in that we made great money with.