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By Melinda Henderson | David Gibson

Jul 17

He is a renowned lecturer in Stratified Medicine at the University of Ulster. He is a well-respected doctor who works with numerous Institutes regarding medicine and pharmaceutical research. In addition to the fact that this famous doctor and scientist is not only a guest but also an associate in domestic and international research, projects, and at clinics, David also participates as a visiting writer, lecturer, and blogger on many platforms around the world. He shares his knowledge and research unselfishly with others, wishing that the science he is dealing with is constantly progressing and evolving.

On a conference held last year in a center of Pharmaceutical Research, Gibson spoke not only about the beginnings of medicine and pharmacology, but also about the current state of the world. He addressed not only experts in this field, long-time scientists, doctors, and researchpost1aers, but also all future generations who will deal with some of the branches of this science. His goal was to inspire all those young people who will take part in the future development of Pharmacology and Medicine, to remind all those who are currently dealing with this branch of science about their responsibilities, and possibilities. Part of his speech is transmitted to you in the text below.

How the speech began

According to the results of the research, almost 50 laboratories have patents for most of the drugs used in the world, and these are very important products that often solve the issue of life and death. For years, researchers, including a team from Tufts University and others as Eli Lilly, estimated the cost of improving and developing the drug at a price of 1 billion or more. These estimates attempt to exclude costs that do not directly relate to the authorization of a medicinal product or which do not allow any comparisons between companies.

The pharmaceutical industry strives to preserve and improve the quality of people’s lives. The discovery of the penicillin of Alexander Fleming in the early 20th century created a precondition for the existence of the pharmaceutical industry today. Doctors and pharmacists around the world have thousands of medicines available every day to help improve the treatment and prevention of the most diverse areas.post1b

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vital industries with a certain tendency of further growth, estimated at around 900 billion US dollars. There are over 160 pharmaceutical companies with 50 thousand different drugs and medicinal substances. Its further growth implies the consolidation of pharmaceutical companies, the emergence of a large number of generic companies, and the development of small companies whose core activity is the research and development of new pharmaceutical products.

The pharmaceutical market is highly profitable, with an average annual growth rate of around 6 percent at a global level. The United States stands out as a leader with 45 percent of the world market share. European Union countries are also important players in the market with their 29 percent stake.

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