Existing Facilities in the Shipyard

The pond dock or graving dock, which is often also called the dig dock, is a boat ramps in the form of a pond located on the edge of the sea or river lake keowee boat ramps. The graving dock has a solid wall like a swimming pool because when it is empty, the dock will receive ground pressure from its surroundings, while when a ship is to be put into or removed from the pond dock or graving dock, the heavy water load will be received by the walls and floor of the graving dock. For the entry and exit of ships from the dock, the graving dock is a door. The dock door is shaped like a pontoon, made of steel construction, where on the door there are cavities that can be filled with water or emptied so that the door can float on the water and be moved if the cavities are empty. In addition, it is also equipped with valves that can be opened to fill the cavities with water so that the door sinks. To remove water from both the cavities in the door and the water in the pool, this dock is equipped with a water pump.

The requirement to become a shipyard is that it must have both basic and supporting facilities that support the work process. These facilities are what differentiate the classes of each shipyard, both used for building ships and for repairs. In helping the work process, there are usually various kinds of support facilities here. Among them are as follows, this pipe workshop is a place where there is a process of cutting and forming pipes following the working drawing. Whether it’s a pipe that is used for the needs of building new ships or for repair purposes. In addition to the pipe cutting process, this pipe workshop also includes a welding process. The pipes that are cut are then welded to form a part of the ship’s construction.

The warehouse is a place to store materials, this place is a place for storing various kinds of raw materials or materials needed in the workshop and the process of manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing old ships. As a place to build or repair ships, it is the same as other shipbuilding facilities, the graving dock in its operation is always served by a variety of lifting equipment (cranes) which have a large enough lifting capacity, following the graving dock capacity. himself who walked up the side of the dock wall.

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