Crooked Penis: Normal or Disease?

Some men have a penis bent to the right or left, up or down when having an erection. Generally, this condition is considered not a problem and does not need special handling. However, if accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, a bent penis can be a symptom of serious illness. Some men have a bent penis as a normal anatomical variation of the penis. The condition of a crooked penis does not require special treatment if the curve is not too significant, has no difficulty during sexual intercourse or problems with ejaculation, and does not feel pain in the penis. So, what is the latest treatment for peyronie’s disease? Find out on our website.

What are the common causes of a curved penis? Inside the penis, there is a spongy tissue that will flow with blood and expand when a man gets an erection or becomes sexually aroused. Generally, penile curvature occurs when the tissue doesn’t expand evenly, due to differences in normal penile anatomy. However, some crooked penis conditions may need special attention if they are caused by the following situations:

Peyronie’s disease.
Autoimmune disease.
Injury to the penis.
Abnormalities in the buffer network

Twisted penis can also occur in babies who have hypospadias, where the end of the urethra is located under the penis.

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is not certain. However, it is suspected that this condition occurs due to repeated injury to the blood vessels in the penis. In addition, there is also a suspicion that this disease is caused by certain genetic conditions that can run in families. But please note that Peyronie’s disease is not caused by a sexually transmitted disease or cancer. This disease can be experienced by men at any age, but most often occurs in men over the age of 40. Men who have recently had or have had prostate cancer surgery or radiation have a higher risk of developing Peyronie’s disease.

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