2 Ways To Maintain The Durability Of Jewelry

Accessories are a type of object that is very liked by all women as a complement to their appearance. The addition of jewelry or accessories, can make someone’s outfit look more beautiful, one of which is a type of BONNIE JENNIFER. This is a type of bracelet that has high quality with a gold coating that makes the wearer look more charming. Apart from all kinds of functions of bracelets that are quite important, you must be able to take care of your jewelry properly so that the jewelry or accessories you have can last a long time. But apparently, there are still many of its users who make mistakes in the care of these accessories or jewelry.

Several things must be considered in maintaining jewelry so that it remains durable. First, you should not wear jewelry or accessories when you are playing sports or swimming. Whether the jewelry is made of gold or silver, you are strongly advised to avoid wearing jewelry when you are swimming. This is done because the water usually contains chemicals, so the high chlorine content in the water can damage your jewelry and sometimes even disconnect pieces from your jewelry. Next the second is that you have to clean your jewelry or accessories regularly. There are some accessories or jewelry that we usually wear every day, such as bracelets and rings, which will be touched by dust, sweat, and bacteria. This is what requires you to always take care of it regularly.

If you can’t do it every day, at least once a week you have to clean it so that dirt or dust doesn’t stick too much which of course will only make it difficult for you to clean it. When you can perform routine maintenance on your accessories or jewelry, your jewelry will always be clean and of course durable because there is no dirt stuck to the sidelines of the jewelry or accessories.

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