Pharma Creates

We enable science to capitalize through innovation, to support the development of research cooperation with the economy, to provide a flexible organizational structure and high quality staff for research, development and innovation, and to establish the necessary level of international cooperation.

Our Research


To carry out scientific research project activities in the Institute, we are aiming towards increasing and expanding the general level of knowledge; finding new potential sources of materials; promotion, extension, and improvement of technology and production; development of the Institute's production program.


Ongoing Research Projects

Clinical research on drugs and medical products

A complete check of quality in medicines and preparations

Research on nanotechnology, nanomedicine and molecular self-organization

Research on immune disorders and the discovery of new medical products

Our Goals and  ‚ÄčAchievements

Our goal is to improve the pharmacy sector, pharmaceutical research, and to protect the rights and interests of patients by establishing the rule of professional standards and ethical principles through an independent, impartial, effective, professional and responsible pharmacy.

Our achievements are innumerable and we are very proud of all partners, associates, scientists, specialists all of those who have participated in moving the boundaries of pharmacology. All our research can be found in renowned journals, professional and scientific literature.


Read Our Blog‚Äč

Our members and guests are sharing knowledge, abilities, experience, creativity, and professionalism. On our blog, you can educate yourself on the latest issues, findings, and progress not just in our Institute or in our country, but regarding the rest of the world too.

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